Titan Fuel Tanks 2016 Ford Powerstroke

Titan Fuel Tank Install / Review

Our Titan Fuel Tank Story!
Your road trip should be defined by the places you stop not how often you have to stop. This can also affect your work schedule and deadlines. Something that was not acceptable for our customer that travels frequently towing a horse trailer. Her 2016 Ford Super-duty had a 26-gallon fuel tank, seriously slowing down her travels and required some careful planning.

2016 Ford Powerstroke waiting for the Titan Fuel Tanks installation

We turned to Titan Fuel Tanks to effectively double the range of the truck! increasing the capacity from 26 gallons to 50! The Titan tank was a great option because it installs in the factory location with very minimal modification. After all some customers don’t want to loose room in their bed or have to fiddle with a transfer tank. 

The Installation Process

Our customer dropped the truck off with an 1/8 of a tank to help in the removal process. You simply remove the factory skid plate and fuel tank straps. We used a transmission jack under a four post lift to make things easier. However, this can be done in your driveway with a floor jack.
We lowered the tank just enough to gain access to the fuel lines and electrical connections. The tank was then lowered and removed from the truck and drained.

Installing the new tank was as super simple! You remove the sending unit from the old tank and install it in the new Titan tank. The tank was then installed in the factory location using the supplied fuel tank straps including a third forward support/strap. A nice feature is the heavy duty plastic skid plate that protects the entire bottom of the new tank.

Modifying a skid plate during a Titan Fuel Tank Installation for our 2016 Ford Powerstroke

A small modification to the skid-plate forward of the tank was required for clearance. It needed a small amount of trimming easily done with a grinder, torch or plasma cutter. After cleaning up the cut with a flap wheel some paint was applied to stop rust and give it a factory appearance.  The fuel spout and vent tubes connect in the same locations as factory for an easy install!

Installing a Titan Fuel Tank
2016 Ford Powerstroke Titan Fuel Tank Installation and review

Final Thoughts

Overall Titan Fuel Tank has produced a nice product! We highly recommend them for anyone that wants to increase their range or just spend less time at the pumps.   

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