Diesel Truck Blog

This is the Diesel Truck Blog from the creators of Real Diesel Magazine.

It’s easy to find builds on the $300,000 show trucks that make 1500 HP. Real Diesel Magazine’s Diesel Truck Blog is where you’ll find the articles restoring an old farm truck or covering the best driveway upgrades for towing performance and fuel economy.
If it has a diesel engine, we’ll be talking about it. Swapping a turbo-diesel engine into an old truck or even a race car so you can go set land speed records.

We’ll have in-depth articles on doing a complete engine rebuild or DIY maintenance like changing injectors. Dyno numbers are always fun to look at, but in our diesel truck blog – we’ll be doing real-world product reviews.  Of course, we’ll talk about peak HP and TQ gains, but we’ll also be comparing fuel mileage, exhaust temperatures, and real-world drivability improvements.

This is the Truck Blog for the everyday work trucks and their owners.

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Diesel Truck Blog
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