Dodge Differential Cover

BD Diesel Differential Cover Install

We’ll be installing and reviewing BD Diesel’s Performance Dodge Differential Cover on a 2006 Dodge Cummins!

There is a large variety of aftermarket differential covers available these days, but are they designed right for your application? Some covers are designed for strength, others for looks. But what if you tow heavy and want cooler operating temperatures and longer service life?

Everything that comes with the BD Diesel Performance Differential Cover

BD Diesel Performance has come up with a great solution that addresses both concerns. A large sump at the bottom of the cover holds more oil and deflects oil back into the ring and pinion for longer cooler service life. Internal and external cooling fins help with strength as well as cooling. Stainless Hardware eliminates rust issues and also looks nice. The covers also feature fill and drain plugs for easy servicing and the drain plug is magnetic. These covers feature a reusable Viton O-ring seal instead of a problematic gasket or messy RTV sealant.

Letting it drain we can remove the factory differential cover

The 2006 Dodge Cummins we installed the BD cover on is used to haul a horse trailer to and from rodeo events. The truck was in need of a differential service and cleaning and the customer wanted to prolong the life of his truck. The BD cover is an excellent upgrade and looks great as well. Of course we couldn’t install the nice new cover without cleaning up the rear axle a bit. After the rear differential was steam cleaned a wire wheel and flap disc were used to remove the rust and flaking paint. A 3M bristle disc was used to clean up the gasket surfaces. Then a new coat of semi gloss paint was applied for a factory appearance.

Cleaning the gasket area before installing the new BD Diesel Performance Differential Cover
Nice and Clean!
BD Diesel Performance Differential installed and looking good!

Installing the BD Differential cover is very simple and straight-forward using the supplied hardware and easy to read and understand instructions. Not only does the cover look great it gives you peace of mind it is backed with a 36-month 150,000-mile warranty.

Application include:

2003-2018 Dodge/Ram AA 14-11.5

2011-2018 Chevy/GMC AA 14-11.5

2003-2013 Dodge/Ram 2500/ 2003-2012 3500 AA 14-9.25

2013-2018 Dodge/Ram 2500 14-Bolt w/RCS (Rear Coil Spring)

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